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New Institute for the Future of the Book to launch in Australia 2010

August 27, 2009 · by Kate Eltham, Electric Alphabet

Today at the Melbourne Writers Festival I had the happy task of announcing that my organisation, Queensland Writers Centre, will launch a new affiliate of The Institute for the Future of the Book in Australia in 2010.

if:book Australia will promote new forms of digital publishing and explore ways to boost connections between writers and audiences.

if:book Australia is the third centre of excellence for digital literature in this network after the Institute for the Future of the Book was established in New York by Bob Stein, and if:book London developed by Chris Meade.

From the media release:

The first project for if:book Australia will be a national seminar series delivered next year called Writers and Digital Markets. Supported and funded by the Literature Board of the Australia Council, the program will inform Australian writers about new opportunities to create and publish digital content.

if:book Australia will function as a ‘think-and-do tank’ and QWC is seeking partners from across the publishing, education and media sectors who are interested in collaborative programs and research


bks2plz said…
I see you love to read. Looking for a great book?
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Brenda Estacio
Kate Eltham said…
Thanks Chris! Looking forward to fun collaborations.

Best wishes,

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