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Feral Trade Cafe, London from RSA Arts & Ecology on Vimeo.

I've had an exciting few days putting out feelers in different directions re. the future of if:book and where it might live. I don't know why it's taken me so long to visit whose gallery and office space in Harringay contains a place for makers in residence to really reside. We'd love to hold an if:book salon there sometime soon. Then there's the Moors bar in Crouch End where we're planning some new media writing days and nights - more details soon. Then there's the new Free Word centre in what was the Guardian Newsroom in Farringdon and talks to Proboscis and about collaborative possibilities. And I'm going up to Sheffield soon with Joe, himself curating a festival of collaboration currently, to talk to Brian Lawson of Consilient about what we might try to get going in my ol' town.


marc garrett said…
Hi Chris,

Thanks for highlighting the Feral Trade show, and also a warm thanks for visiting our space. Chat soon regarding possibilities for hosting 'BOOKFUTURES' events :-)

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