It's a fantastic means to keep a publishing house alive: just ask lots of people to buy one book from you; faced with a serious recession-induced defecit at the end of their ACE funding, that's what SALT Publishing have been asking the community of poetry lovers, and it's going remarkably well.

SALT says: "Since launching the Just One Book campaign a week ago we have seen annual web hits rise to 20M, we have taken over 1,000 direct orders and raised £22K of our £55K target. It has been quite bewildering, humbling and exhausting.

You can read more on The Guardian website here:

And discover more on The Bookseller Blog today:

The campaign is due to be featured on BBC2 Newsnight tonight.
It's a great example of the response when people realise that something they value is under threat. It will be interesting to see if the campaign will prove to have a long term impact on their ability to sell books - I hope so; SALT is dynamic, inventive and using every digital means to promote their wares. Poetry needs SALT.


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