We had a great day yesterday at the ifsoflo unconference at the Friends Meeting House Euston. Many thanks to the wonderful if:book team, Sasha Hoare, Liz Neville and Toni Le Busque.

Pete Law helped us look at web and stuff, Brian Lawson of Consilient Consulting ran sessions on Creative Management,

Mecca Ibrahim spoke on Social Networking and Charles Beckett and Naomi Kent of Creative & Cultural Skills hosted conversation about funding and training; Anna Lewis talked about www.completelynovel.com... and the sun shone and many wonderful people attended and contributed. Thanks to all - we'll be in touch soon to establish the ifsoflo network.

..and this last picture is from a few weeks ago in Paris, meeting up with Julie Dalmon, artist and digital collaborator, whose illustrations for The Sick Rose will be appearing shortly on www.songsofimaginationanddigitisation.net. Whose next to blog as Blake?


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