Friday, 29 May 2009


It's a fantastic means to keep a publishing house alive: just ask lots of people to buy one book from you; faced with a serious recession-induced defecit at the end of their ACE funding, that's what SALT Publishing have been asking the community of poetry lovers, and it's going remarkably well.

SALT says: "Since launching the Just One Book campaign a week ago we have seen annual web hits rise to 20M, we have taken over 1,000 direct orders and raised £22K of our £55K target. It has been quite bewildering, humbling and exhausting.

You can read more on The Guardian website here:

And discover more on The Bookseller Blog today:

The campaign is due to be featured on BBC2 Newsnight tonight.
It's a great example of the response when people realise that something they value is under threat. It will be interesting to see if the campaign will prove to have a long term impact on their ability to sell books - I hope so; SALT is dynamic, inventive and using every digital means to promote their wares. Poetry needs SALT.

Friday, 22 May 2009


The if:bookshop is open for business selling teeshirts, mugs and mousemats of the imagination.
Form an orderly queue here please. Oh and it's now official that if:book will be appearing live at the Latitude Festival in Southwold this July 17th and 18th - not exactly sharing the same stage as the Petshop Boys and Bat for Lashes, but sharing the same field. Come debate with us.

Monday, 18 May 2009

whither the book

Andy Beckett writes in the Guardian today bemoaning the decline of all things books. Here's the article.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Thanks to Sasha for sending me this link to a Telegraph article on tweets as literature. Some tasty examples below from Tim Collins' Little Book of Twitter. Meanwhile the air is thick with exciting projects and collaborations forming - none quite ready to tweetblogblababout just yet.


jamesjoyce: Man walks around Dublin. We follow every minute detail of his day. He’s probably overtweeting.

Great Expectations

charlesdickens: Orphan given £££ by secret follower. He thinks it’s @misshavisham but it turns out to be @magwitch

The Catcher in the Rye

jdsalinger: Rich kid thinks everyone is fake except for his little sister. Has breakdown. @markchapman is now following @johnlennon

Pride and Prejudice

janeaustin: Woman meets man called Darcy who seems horrible. He turns out to be nice really. They get together.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

helenfielding: RT @janeaustin Woman meets man called Darcy who seems horrible. He turns out to be nice really. They get together.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


We had a great day yesterday at the ifsoflo unconference at the Friends Meeting House Euston. Many thanks to the wonderful if:book team, Sasha Hoare, Liz Neville and Toni Le Busque.

Pete Law helped us look at web and stuff, Brian Lawson of Consilient Consulting ran sessions on Creative Management,

Mecca Ibrahim spoke on Social Networking and Charles Beckett and Naomi Kent of Creative & Cultural Skills hosted conversation about funding and training; Anna Lewis talked about and the sun shone and many wonderful people attended and contributed. Thanks to all - we'll be in touch soon to establish the ifsoflo network.

..and this last picture is from a few weeks ago in Paris, meeting up with Julie Dalmon, artist and digital collaborator, whose illustrations for The Sick Rose will be appearing shortly on Whose next to blog as Blake?

augmented hood

SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

Thanks to Alain Pierrot for sending us this link to a funked up fable