I thought I'd bump into lots of people I knew at the launch party of WIRED UK at Skylon at the South Bank Centre last night, but no. This throng was from a different set of strands of the interweb from where all those people who seem to be at 'everything' seem to be. I saw a Hon brother or two in the distance, but theirs were the only familiar faces. I met a friendly popular science writer called John Emsley who spotted me looking as lost as he, and someone very big in fragrances, then played with a gizmo like a giant iTouch screen supplied by a company called Volume, picked up my cool black goody bag and headed home to find that if:book's Songs of Imagination & Digitisation, launched tomorrow, is featured on page 92 of the first issue - listed as one of 10 cultural bites for May:

"In another world, William Blake could well have been a blogger. Taking its cue from his innate distrust of systems and their limitations, the literary think-tank if:book is exploding the confines of print to create a 'netbook' based around the works of the poet.. the project aims to emulate Blake's own profound spirit of innovation."

...Meanwhile Lisa Gee has just found this plug for us in the Wall Street Journal's online guide to 2009.


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