Strategies for digital publishing in a time of uncertainty

Chris is one of the speakers at this day-long seminar, part of the London Bookfair.

Date/Time: 19 Apr 2009
Location: Earls Court One, Level 1, Cromwell Room
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For American book publishers these are challenging times. The economic downturn is hitting hard an industry once thought by many to be recession-proof. Bookstores are reporting sharp declines in sales and traditional channels for books are shrinking and consolidating. Consumer confidence is low, reading skills and literacy levels are falling, and readers have more competing distractions than ever before.

While they confront today some of the toughest trading conditions they have ever known, American publishers have not forgotten tomorrow. Many are actively investing for the future with innovative and experimental programs focused on building tomorrow’s book industry. Central to these innovations is an understanding that America’s readers are changing and that a generation of consumers is emerging with radically different expectations about how content should be published, consumed, priced, and protected.


13.00 Welcome coffee
* 13.30 Introduction and Welcome
Michael Healy – Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group
* 14.30-15.30 Setting the context: Understanding the market and consumer

Understanding tomorrow’s digital consumer by knowing what they are up to today
Kelly Gallagher – Vice President, Publisher Services, R.R. Bowker.
* The American market for e-books today
Michael Smith – Executive Director, International Digital Publishing Forum
* Publishing strategies for the changing consumer
Chris Meade- CEO, if:book London on Imagination & Digitisation

15.30-15.45 Coffee break

15.45-16.45 Publishing strategies for the changing consumer

Academe 2.0: Responding to changes in student and professor expectations
Ken Brooks -Senior Vice President, Global Production Services, Cengage Learning
* The future of trade publishing in a digital marketplace
Mike Shatzkin – CEO, The Idea Logical Company

16.45-18.00 New Services and experiences for the changing reader
* It’s not about the technology; it’s about the reader – creating an immersive reading experience that rivals the book.
Neelan Choksi – Chief Operating Officer, Lexcycle/Stanza
* Books and busy lives – adapting to changes in reading habits
Susan Danziger – Chief Executive Officer, DailyLit
* Understanding the Google book settlement: what will it really mean for the market?
Jan Constantine - General Counsel, The Author’s Guild
* Creating the conditions for success: how standards are helping the digital market
Michael Smith – Executive Director, International Digital Publishing Forum
Michael Healy – Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group

Panel discussion - Q& A session

18.00 End of the conference


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