One of my fellow students on the Creative Writing & New Media M.A. has been published in the prestigious New River Journal.

Michael J. Maguire (also known on-line as clevercelt) is an independent professional writer, playwright, screenwriter and digital creative with a diverse and unconventional educational background in engineering, electronics, theatre, creative writing and new media. His personal creativity spans over thirty years; writing, designing, directing, staging and producing various forms of static, live, filmed and electronic entertainments. Mick has consulted, worked with and for, many innovative European digital media start-ups and both major platform holders in the computer console games industry.He's also very warm, funny, intelligent and engaging.

The New River editorial says:

When we issued our call for submissions for this issue, we were looking for work “that merges place, history, and culture.” What we had in mind was something like M.D. Coverly’s exemplary work. Though we are astounded by the varied ways in which all our writers touch on our stated themes, Michael J. Maguire’s “Promise” is closest to our original hopes.

Structured in four acts, Maguire offers a deeply personal—and deeply moving—narrative reflecting Ireland, its culture, and its myths.


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