is it a book? is it a screen? No it's...

News on the Brave New World blog of the latest innovation in publishing:

Martyn Daniels writes: "We were intrigued by several reports of a new format the ‘video book’. We didn’t stop to ask whether it was BluRay or DVD, but just wanted to know what it was. Could it replace MTV with BookTV? Was there an ‘Easter Egg’ buried in it. or was it all hype, hot air and a marketers dream to publicise the book?

HarperCollins has announced the ‘video book’ and the first to go is Jeff Jarvis’s. ‘What would Google Do?’ We thought it may be about the settlement but although some may say that would make a good mystery thriller, its not. Jarvis’s book is already out in hardback and also audio and now its coming out as a video book. So what is a video book and how does it relate to the book? Is it in author reading and does it have animation, graphics, actual film shots or special effects?

The answer is that it’s a 23 minute video of Jarvis speaking into a single camera with a white background. Jarvis talks apparently about the basic concepts in the book and that’s it!

...We normally applaud innovation and experimentation, but question where this is going and also the potential impact if all author videos and podcasts went the same way?"

Call that innovation? At if:book london we are working on a groundbreaking range of 3d Aromabooks, starting with a translation of War & Peace into a fragrance mingling classic scents with gunpowder and horsedung.


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