Many thanks to Martin Colthorpe of the South Bank Literature Team for hosting this month's ifso salon, a version of our regular if:bookgroups held in conjunction with Snug & Outdoor, playground designers. The event brought together a fascinating range of people about whom I'll say more soon. We discussed narrative and play, looked at the Snug Kit and how it might be used to stimulate imagination, Simon Fox's Written World project and how he would like to adapt it for use across the divided communities in Gaza, and showed some of the amazing work being made for if:book's education project, including new work by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph as well as Toni Lebusque's superb rendering of Darwin into Second Life and Rosetti into girls magazine form. We also talked about the model of publishing we wish to pursue to which there was a very positive response.

I'll post photos and more soon, but it really was a hugely affirming event which filled me with confidence about the work we're doing, the way we're doing it and the wonderful people working around us. Thanks to all who came. We'll be holding another one soon.


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