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It was great to meet Cory Doctorow again at Bookcamp this saturday. Here's a recent find of his for Boing Boing , part walkman, part audio book, part coat hanger.

A recent picture of my mum, uncle, son and I at son Joe's exhibition Out of The Fold, latest venture of Pat and Trevor. Uncle John introduced me to the work of Saul Steinberg many years ago in New York and I've loved it ever since, so I was delighted that Joe was keen we went together to see the current retrospective of Steinberg's astoundingly inventive fine art doodles, playful visual meditations on identity, journeys, art galleries and much more. The exhibition features a desk as sculpture including hand drawn pencils and a library of wooden books.


Anonymous said…
Chris, good to see you're a Steinberg fan. I love his stuff.Lots of people have been inspired by him and ripped him off, probably me included. Will order the catalogue from Dulwich, I have a problem going south of the river, come out in a rash.
Still, think about Lumb Bank course. Must meet up at BL sometime. What's your email? Mine is on my site.

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