tweets and chatter

I spoke about the future of the book at Amplified08, a gathering of the network of networks at NESTA last week. The session, organised by Annie Mole, London Transport blogger, has been written up on the London Geek Girls Dinners blog. It was an enjoyable event with crowds of tweeting networkers mingling true to form and debating such topics as: where next for online video, how should mainstream media such as the BBC interact with the blogosphere, has anyone ever got a job through the LinkedIn network, and so on. The question I asked myself on the way home was, what was it all for? With recession not just biting but munching its way through many cultural industries, suddenly all those chirpy tweety comments about what's cool are beginning to sound a bit thin. Can amplified individuals really reach out to help each other through hard times? I certainly hope so. Anyway, I enjoyed the event very much and met some fascinating people.

Today I'm working with Snug & Outdoor on a project in primary schools exploring the relationship between narrative and play. This clip from the BBC's Outnumbered is a pretty good example of how children mix media in their make believe.


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