shoot 'em up sherlock

Liz Thomson at BookBrunch reports that HarperCollins and Nintendo have collaborated on a scheme to make a Nintendo DS into a portable library with the launch on 26 December of the 100 Classic Books Collection. "Holding the Nintendo DS horizontally, like a book, means the device can be transformed into a handheld reading device for nothing more than the cost of the software, which is around £20."

Titles include the 'classic' (ie. out of copyright) usuals, like Sherlock Holmes and Gulliver's Travels. "A synopsis mode details the story and themes of each title, while readers with no idea where to start can tell the device what mood they're in and be offered a range of options. The software also offers an electronic bookmark and adjustable text sizes. Ten additional novels can be downloaded using Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection service."


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