festive networked we stand

Waking up to yet more economic gloom this morning I feel it's time to get serious about how we can work together to use our new networkedness to help each other through difficult times.

The web makes it possible to remain connected to fellow members of whatever we consider our community of interest whether or not we're making a living in it, and to think laterally and internationally about different ways to earn a crust. So it helps us to think collectively and competitively too, which makes for some contradictions, but keeps us all in contention rather than divided into haves and have-nots.

Reasons to be cheerful; new ways to look at books; digital futures for writers, readers and literature organisations; how schools can develop transliterate readers.. these are some of the themes we've touched on over the past year, if not with the academic rigour of the US Institute's if:book blog, now back in action and as stimulating as ever.

A growing number of people are coming to this blog every day, which makes me wonder who you are, what you get from Bookfutures and how you'd like to see the blog develop.
In the run up to new year resolutions, why not leave a Christmas comment here, Dear Reader?


The Editors said…
Hi Chris,

My name is Alex Davies, I run a poetry website with Stephen Willey based in London UK. You can see it at www.openned.com. A lot of what you say makes a lot of sense a lot of the time and I've used a lot of it as inspiration when designing the website. Myself and Steve are exponents of online publications - we do most of our work in PDF format, and we are seriously considering the implications of how the internet could be incorporated into the reading series which we run in a pub in the East End of London. For me, it's the crossover between the digital and the physical that presents both the biggest challenges and the highest rewards.

Merry Christmas

Chris Meade said…
Thanks for this, Alex. Let's meet up in 2009 and see if we can collaborate on something.

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