losing it

Tonight is our latest if:bookgroup salon, this on the topic of Reasons To Be Cheerful in the Face of Slump. I need to think about what to say, other than thanks to Somethin' Else for kindly hosting this one.
I don't feel very cheerful today, though. Too much sad news from friends. And on a mundane level, I think i've lost the lead for my laptop and, like everyone else in the world, I'm worried about the recession.

So, what's the good news? Well, despite the ludicrous price of new power leads for Macbooks, the digital life is cheap and, if there was no work to be had, you could get up to lots of interesting things - writing, reading, making, mixing, watching, networking, chatting... all this can be done on line for next to nothing.

Actually I just wrote a very upbeat piece for the Writers' Services website,


Here's a chunk of it:

"The web has transformed the cultural landscape for writers. While the small number who earn a living wage from royalties are concerned about whether their incomes will fall, all the 'lesser published', including the emerging and the doing-it-for-pleasure, have been liberated from the demeaning hunt for any means to get heard. Where once rejection letters rained down and vanity presses prowled, now writers can put their work for free on the virtual shelves of the blogosphere. And now that our laptops allow individual authors to embed links, graphics, sound and video in their texts, and provide the potential for all kinds of collaborations and interactions, there are plenty of new directions opening up for the written word in a multimedia environment.

Last night I convinced my (all male) book group to read The Golden Notebook this month, using our www.thegoldennotebook.org site to guide them. Now there's another R2BC.


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