I'm back from an interesting week teaching on the Future Write course at Lumb Bank, the Arvon Foundation centre near Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, a beautiful place, a fascinating group of people who got on well together, lots of time to talk and think about how to make stories for the web.

Fellow Arvon tutor Conrad Williams and I (with Will Self in background).

On my way there I was contacted by The Bookseller who ran this story about our Songs of Imagination & Digitisation project.

And yesterday I spoke at Writing Re:connected, a seminar organised by The New Writing Partnership in Norwich. Naomi Alderman, currently a reader of The Golden Notebook at www.thegoldennotebook.org, our other ACE funded Experiment in Reading, curated by Bob Stein. Naomi told me she kept checking the site during the day to see what response her latest posts were provoking. Naomi, Tim Wright and Alison Norrington each spoke inspirationally about their different versions of multi-platform fiction. the massive Alternate Reality Game Perplex City; Oldton, Tim's semi-fictitious hometown, and Alison's energetic promotion of Staying Single Sophie, a feisty piece of digitalchicklit involving Second Life, Bebo, Facebook, YouTube and Uncletomcobbley.com.

The main theme of the day, organised by Chris Gribble and including an excellent presentation by Hannah Rudman, was how Literature Organisations can learn from projects like these to make creative networks of writers and readers.

And I did my bit, which I may write up and post here, urging such organisations to seize the time while there IS still time to seize, and reconfigure their work in relation to the web.

if:book will definitely be running training workshops and events for the literature sector from the new year, building on the work done by the FLO Consortium. Reader comments on what this should cover would be most appreciated.


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