The Creative Writing & New Media MA at De Montfort involves plenty of collaboration between students with different skills, as much digital fiction does.

Claudia Cragg, journalist and student on the course, has contacted me to ask if I'd post something about a project of hers in the hope she might find someone out here in the big wide world who would be prepared to help her on a voluntary basis. It would be great to create a skills exchange on Bookfutures for makers of this kind of work.

Claudia says:

"Part Two of my CWNM Fiction workshop will be to take my script in reduced form from the cellphone novel and parlay it into a multimedia work for my Fiction2 workshop. This is where I need collaboration as I am crap at Flash and while I think I-stories and Sophie are great tools which I will use if I have to, I am looking for a wider multimedia approach focusing on sound (this is v important to me). So flash and vision are what I need. I need to get this sorted soon as the deadline to present my Fiction2 is Sunday Dec 1st."

If you're interested, please email Claudia at


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