nwww - new ways with words

Actually that animated Blake below gives me the creeps, so here's another post to push it into the past.

Sasha and I had an exciting meeting yesterday with Jo Klaces from Queensbridge School, and Viv and Harriet from Booktrust who will be evaluating NEW WAYS WITH WORDS, our project to make digital literature resources for Year 8 pupils.

This will build on both the FOUND fiction we ran this spring and the many educational uses of the CommentPress application in the USA to provide a diverse collection of free resources for schools. We'll set up a blog to document the project which will involve lots of consultation with teachers to be sure the end result is of real use and complements what else is already available in this field.

We are setting up a steering group to oversee the project, have two schools signed up and feelers out for 2 more. If you think your school would be interested, or if you have specialist knowledge of this area and would like to get involved (on a voluntary basis), please let me know.

toby jones signs autographs at the end of the found project


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