gigogne o gigogne

Strip me of secrets- 1st round

I just came across this, the film made two years ago by Paris based artist Julie Dalmon de Saint Gast as part of a project she's been working on for a long time, and for which I supplied the text. Julie contacted me through the web looking for a collaborator who could write a script for an idea she had for a performance piece inspired by a gigogne or Russian doll.
It was my first web collaboration and involved email exchanges of words and images, meeting up for real in London and Paris, plus long instant messaging chats, the transcripts of which remain a fascinating record of the development of an idea and a friendship.

I was originally sent the tune for this song as a sound file, emailed back lyrics, received a message from Julie saying she couldn't quite make them fit the tune, then I phoned her number and sang the words into her answerphone.


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