green screen reading

Here's an interesting link found on TeleRead by the tireless Twitterer Mr Furtado about a prototype for a solar powered e-book reader to help us read the world and save the planet.

"Snippy is an ultraportable handheld electronic viewer for textual and graphic information which harvests operating energy from the sun and transparently links to other Snippys in the area to share content. This solar networked information propagating paper-like display brings together the daylight readability and extremely low average power consumption of an electronic paper display, a solar panel to gather energy from light, and a Bluetooth radio interface.'


Chris Meadows said…
It's weird to discover a link to TeleRead, where I write, from someone who also writes about e-books and shares a good chunk of my name.

Not to mention a little confusing. :)
Chris Meade said…
Oh yes... Well, I am a real person not a subsection of you - promise! Let's keep in touch.

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