I ordered my Sony Reader from Waterstones today and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Meanwhile I've downloaded three different readerthings from the iTunes apps store: eReader, Stanza and Bookshelf which allow you to download from Gutenberg etc, plus a few of the stand alone books, which each have their strengths and weaknesses. On the iPhone you get backlighting and colour and the potential to link text to images and video in the way I've been experimenting with in In Search of Lost Tim. The backlight makes it perfect for reading after lights out (though it's also tempting to listen to podcasts, listen to weird niche radio stations or watch BBC comedies instead, and what does THAT do to my already insomniacal tendencies!!?) I'm hoping the Reader will be more soothing. Is that the post-digital definition of a Real Book: something that helps you to fall asleep reading it?


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