holiday e-reading

Frappe coffee and wi-fi in the square at Argolasti, Pelion Peninsular

I'm just back from a holiday in Greece where, among other pleasurable activities, I read The Time Machine by H G Wells on my iTouch, plus several Sherlock Holmes short stories, consumed in the dark on nights I couldn't sleep. I've also downloaded Ulysses and Moby Dick and am well stuck into re-reading the Joyce. I'm finding it tempting to dip into these daunting, doorstop epics and easy to focus on a few 'pages' of text each time. I also installed a bookshelf application and through that can download all kinds of wonders for free from Project Gutenberg. It was annoying to find in the Conan Doyle stories (which cost me 59p via iTunes) that graphic elements such as maps and cyphers were missing, and only the Gutenberg texts could be tipped sideways on the screen. But all in all I'm impressed - and maybe a bit relieved that reading basic text on screen can be this good.


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