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Click here to download your copy of Digital Livings - How new media writers do, could and will make their way in the world. This report was commissioned by the Institute of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University and was launched at the NLab conference on 19th June.

You can read the whole text on line in the projects section of this site.

Take a look and leave your thoughts on it here - please.
The conference was on social networking and small businesses. It didn't lead to blinding revelations but lots of new thinking about the amplified individual in the networked world.
Strangely for an RSS-fed, twittered up, trendwatching crowd, nobody seemed to be talking about the dreadful economic tidings in the air. I'm still not sure if this is confidence or denial. And yes, I'm sure our newfound tools for reaching out to new markets and audiences will become even more important, but I see a bigger division opening up between 'fun stuff' and 'serious business use' as the atmosphere of benign entrepreneurialism turns nastier. On the other hand, all this may sharpen up our thinking economically and politically. It's a bit too easy to believe that collaboration, open source thinking, the wisdom of the crowd and all that stuff just happen to be both ideologically wholesome and great for your profit margins too.


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