There's some debate on the Fifth Estate blog re. what John Rivers calls 'Pan Macmillan's Digital Manifesto of Doom.
"Pan Macmillan’s manifesto has certainly been a thought-provoking exercise in talking about the future of publishing (and driving more people to your blog). However the destruction of the singular book, the singular author and the singular publisher is by no means as guaranteed as the doomsayers believe."
I don't hear sayers dooming the singular, just getting excited about other possibilities for collaboration and delivery, but it's sparked off concern that the isues around digital publishing are not being seriously discussed beyond the usual suspects. Go join the conversation and drive people back here too.


Working Mum said…
Hi Chris

It's the author of the so-called 'manifesto of doom' here. Thanks for drawing attention to this. As you know I'm one of the least gloomy people in the business so it's great to hear your support for the mainfesto and for the importance of the debate in general.



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