Summer Holiday Books 2007

Snaps from Montenegro where Penguin book, notebook and MacBook were all enjoyed along with food, wine and water. Readers used to be accused of being cut off from reality with their heads stuck in books, now the page is presented as healthy but the screen is what's supposed to be toxic.
Last week I went to an unconference on transliteracy at De Montfort University where there was much conversation on whether this term is useful. My question is how would you teach transliteracy? Is it primarily about how we construct a personal viewpoint on the world from all the different media we draw from in our multiculture, or is it about learning a range of technological skills? Basic Transliteracy to me involves reading, browsing, swimming.. then talking in ways that connects insights from all those activities. Do we need classes in it? There's certainly the need for more discussion about how the sense of self changes in the networked world.


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