Real Trevor

The only real Trevor I knew was Trevor Glover, once CEO of Penguin Australia, then Penguin UK. He died last week after a long battle with cancer. I'd sent him an invite to my leaving party from Booktrust and was concerned that I hadn't heard from him. I didn't know Trevor before he became Chair of Booktrust, but he turned out to be wonderful at the job and was high on my list of role models for the older man - such an enjoyer of life, hugely knowledgeable and experienced, but also appreciative and genuinely supportive. He saw his role as Chair being about helping things work better; so many in such positions are more interested in being seen to be important. We never discussed the future of the book, but he was a lover of gadgetry - he'd have been an early adopter of any e-reader gizmo going. I'll miss him.


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