Thursday, 27 September 2007

Billy Collins - Animated Poetry

In our search for great examples of literature on line, Mags Treanor, fellow M.A. student, found these wonderful animations of Collins' accessible and powerful poems.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Real Trevor

The only real Trevor I knew was Trevor Glover, once CEO of Penguin Australia, then Penguin UK. He died last week after a long battle with cancer. I'd sent him an invite to my leaving party from Booktrust and was concerned that I hadn't heard from him. I didn't know Trevor before he became Chair of Booktrust, but he turned out to be wonderful at the job and was high on my list of role models for the older man - such an enjoyer of life, hugely knowledgeable and experienced, but also appreciative and genuinely supportive. He saw his role as Chair being about helping things work better; so many in such positions are more interested in being seen to be important. We never discussed the future of the book, but he was a lover of gadgetry - he'd have been an early adopter of any e-reader gizmo going. I'll miss him.

Pat, Trevor, Bob

This stunning piece of viral marketing came from my son Joe whose organisation, called bafflingly 'Pat and Trevor' have held events at the ICA and other London venues, made short films and installations, do all kinds of contemporary socially networked, interactive type things. It's an amazing stunt by the Dyaln people, apparently now out to woo a younger generation with poetic appreciation of his lyrics for National Poetry Day and remixes of the master. Try sending your own message to a Dylan fan and make their day.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Summer Holiday Books 2007

Snaps from Montenegro where Penguin book, notebook and MacBook were all enjoyed along with food, wine and water. Readers used to be accused of being cut off from reality with their heads stuck in books, now the page is presented as healthy but the screen is what's supposed to be toxic.
Last week I went to an unconference on transliteracy at De Montfort University where there was much conversation on whether this term is useful. My question is how would you teach transliteracy? Is it primarily about how we construct a personal viewpoint on the world from all the different media we draw from in our multiculture, or is it about learning a range of technological skills? Basic Transliteracy to me involves reading, browsing, swimming.. then talking in ways that connects insights from all those activities. Do we need classes in it? There's certainly the need for more discussion about how the sense of self changes in the networked world.