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Nearly Feedback

I've been gathering together some of the feedback which I've been sent privately re. various Nearly workshops and events I've organised over the past few years as part of the process of composing my transmedia novel, What Didn't Quite and the PhD in Practice-based Digital Writing at Bath Spa. There's information on lots of these activities at   but this blog seems a more suitable place to put these comments. NIGHT OF NEARLY AT THE EARLY HAIG  2014 I performed with Carol Laidler and the Ifso Band at the Earl Haig pub in Crouch End. In the audience was artist Bee Peak. Here are her comments in an email 11/07/2014:  Dear Chris I have been nearly going to email you on a couple of occasions We enjoyed the Night of Nearly. I was intrigued by the characters &  by the end of the evening was left  interested in the characters &  looking forward to following their story. Yes I suppose the show did feel like work in p

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